Organic olive oil gift Pack "C
3 Varieties
from  19,00 Select options

Organic olive oil gift Pack "C
3 Varieties

from  19,00

  • Content: 3x 0,10 litre
  • 1 x Organic extravergine olive oil á 0,10 litre 
  • 1 x fruit oil of your choice á 0,10 litre 
  • 1 x herb oil of your choice á 0,10 litre 
  • High quality, certified organic olive oil
  • Unique taste
  • Made in Italy (Corigliano Rossano)

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Organic Olive Oil Gift Pack "C" 3 Varieties

The Organic Olive Oil Gift Pack "C" 3 Varieties allows you to give a fine culinary gift.
By giving the finest olive oil as a gift, you are not only proving your good taste, you are also guaranteed to please pleasure-conscious people.
Choose your individual gift pack from ten different organic olive oils.

Bottle content a' 0.1 litre Gift box "C
1 x organic extravergine olive oil
2 x variety of your choice á 0,10 litre

Fruit oils:

  • Organic lemon oil
  • Organic tangerine oil
  • Organic truffle oil-white ( + 11,00 EUR )
  • Organic truffle oil-black ( + 8,10 EUR )

Herbal oils:

  • Organic rosemary oil
  • Organic bergamot oil
  • Organic chilli oil
  • Organic Garlic & Chilli Oil
  • Organic oregano oil
  • Organic basil oil

Certified by:

Austria Bio Garantie     


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Colline degli Ulivi

Selection Organic Fruit Oils

Bio Olivenöl mit Mandarine, Bio Olivenöl mit schwarzem Trüffel, Bio Olivenöl mit weissem Trüffel, Bio Olivenöl mit Zitrone

Selection Organic Herbal Oils

Bio Olivenöl mit Basilikum, Bio Olivenöl mit Bergamotte, Bio Olivenöl mit Chili, Bio Olivenöl mit Knoblauch & Chili, Bio Olivenöl mit Oregano, Bio Olivenöl mit Rosmarin, Bio Olivenöl mit Safran


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3 Sorten”

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